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The '80s Are for Haiti



    This Saturday, legendary alternative radio DJ (91X/radio nigel) and dear friend Steve West is involved in a benefit show called " '80s for Haiti," at 4th and B. Steve, who's emceeing the event and spinning resurrection vinyl throughout the night, will be joined by 11 of Southern California's finest tribute bands, including :

    • Sweet and Tender Hooligans (Smiths/Morrissey tribute)
    • The Joshua Tree (U2 tribute)
    • The Cured (tribute to 1980’s Cure)
    • Blasphemous Rumours (Depeche Mode tribute)
    • Radio Star (hard-rock spin on '80s New Wave)
    • Rio (Duran Duran tribute)
    • Gabba Gabba Heys (Ramones tribute)
    • Metro ('80s dance-pop hits)
    • Ghost In the Machine (Police/Sting tribute)
    • Dust and Bones (Guns n' Roses tribute)

    We caught up with Steve to discuss the '80s flashback benefit :

    How did you get involved?  

    Steve West: A friend who is in one of the bands and I were talking a couple of days after the Haiti earthquake about how devastating it looks and what could we do to help: a benefit show..... He came up with the name, and we built a show around it.

    What does the cause mean to you personally? 

    West: Haiti has suffered enough, and I believe we should all do what we can. As an unemployed radio guy, I have time on my hands to do something for the greater good and I believe in karma.

    SoundDiego: Any surprises planned for the night? 

    West: There will be one, maybe two appearances by well-known musicians from the '80s.

    My guess: John Easdale of Dramarama, with a performance of "Anything, Anything." Regardless, it's a solid lineup for a worthy cause. Donations will be directly routed to the Clinton/Bush Haiti Fund, and tickets are available now via

    '80s for Haiti
    Saturday, Feb. 20, from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.
    4th & B
    325 B St,
    San Diego, CA 92101