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SD Music Never Tasted So Good

"Listen Local Cooks Vol. 2" combine the love of music and food for a worthy cause



    Who knew the San Diego music community was brimming with so many food connoisseurs? Nov. 15 will mark the release of "Listen Local Cooks Vol. 2" – 75 pages of recipes, food-related poems, art, photos and stories plus an accompanying music compilation featuring 30 food-related songs, all donated by San Diego artists.

    Put together by Listen Local’s Cathryn Beeks, and illustrated by Tara Alvarado from the band Mocking Bird, the digital book/CD will be available for $15 each. And lest we think Listen Local is getting greedy and only in it for the money – well, they are – but only so they can donate it to, which assists local musicians in need. How cool is that?

    “Hotrod Harris encouraged, inspired and helped me, along with countless others, when I was about to give up. He was the original ‘kickstarter’ and without his help, many of us wouldn’t be where we are today,” Beeks said. “After his recent passing, his daughter and a few folks who felt the need to keep his legacy alive, me included, started…and we look forward to making sure [the funds raised] gets to needy and deserving San Diego musicians.”
    Gregory Page, Jack Tempchin, the Flowerthief, Marie Haddad and Rob Deez head up a long list of artists involved. The recipes span every aspect of a full day, from breakfast to soups, snacks, and salads to main dishes and drinks. The Flowerthief's Christian Motos said, "I love cooking. It has become apparent that musicians have a flair for it. It's almost second nature. Some of my peers are chefs by day, and musicians by night. And as a vegetarian, I wanted to show that a meatless diet is not only healthy but can be tasty and exciting to make." 
    One of the more, uh, intriguing recipes comes from Chef Boy-R-Deez called “Ghetto Stew” – which mainly consists of mixing a can of French Onion soup with Tapatio and Top Ramen. Let it be known, this cookbook is good for a laugh or two. However, some of these dishes definitely up the ante: Page’s “Popular Pudding” for example involves one ripe Hass avocado, chocolate, coconut milk, and agave syrup. Not only do most of the recipes look delicious and seem like a worthy addition to anyone’s kitchen adventures, put on the book’s accompanying music and you’ll be treating your earholes to a feast as well. 
    "Listen Local Cooks Vol. 2" will have its official release party at the Go Lounge in La Mesa on Nov. 15 from 8pm to midnight. Some of the recipes listed in the book will be available to try at the show, several of the musical artists will perform and there is no cover. Go help out a good cause!  

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