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Keeping Up With Jonsi



    Soon after announcing that Sigur Ros was on "indefinite hiatus" in early 2010, Icelandic frontman, Jonsi Birgisson, released his first solo album, Go, in April 2010.  

    Not a far departure from his work with Sigur Ros, Birgisson's album is packed with anthemic, orchestral compositions, layered with sprightly, lush soundscapes. In support of the record, the critically acclaimed Go tour -- which stops at 4th & B on Friday -- is being billed as a "dramatic evolution from the normal rock concert format." 

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    jónsi tour trailer from Jónsi on Vimeo.

    Resembling a dilapidated taxidermy shop, the live show's stage surrounds Jonsi's icy falsetto with a stunning light show and cutting-edge video technology. The production -- meticulously synced to the music -- blends staging elements more commonly found in opera and live theater. Dramatically designed by London-based 59 Productions, the show is hailed as an amalgamation of art installation, film and live music. Birgisson, not the most comfortable interviewee, recently told the following about the live show:

    "I was pretty impressed when I saw what the set designers had done, because we have never really built a set before for one of our live shows ... usually it's been mainly about the music. I'm quite interested in the fact that this one will be stimulating more of the senses."

    Thematically, the production creates an environment where animals come to life and explore mystical worlds while engulfed in dark, looming, rain-drenched backdrops.  In order to create the visual effects, nine projectors will be hidden around 4th & B and synced to a backstage server. Images will be shot onto the stage, surrounding props and the musicians.  Having seen Jonsi countless times with Sigur Ros (and more recently at Coachella), I can’t recommend this show enough -- especially in such an intimate space.

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