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Hanson Take SD on Musical Ride



    Hanson will be coming through the House of Blues Sept. 12 as apart of their Musical Ride Tour, a project that allows fans to vote online before each show to decide the album the band will play that night in its entirety.

    This is the kind of idea that works best for bands like Hanson,  with a discography spanning more than a decade. The band has suspiciously maintained its wholesome, boy-band aesthetic, a formula that has bred a successful following of tweens, and former tweens alike. 

    Admittedly, I, was once a member of the Hanson fan club, and I felt like somewhat of an honorary member recently after spending a half-hour reminiscing with early YouTube videos of the band. Their sound was the mark of an era, a collective coming-of-age when "Mmm Bop" made sense to us all.

    To most, the band will forever be associated with their mid-'90s breakthrough, "Mmm Bop," but with the release of last year's Shout It Out, the band's eighth studio release, brothers Taylor, Isaac and Zac have shown their musical growth, which is reflected in more polished percussion, homage to blues, country and soul, and staying loyal to that AM radio sound. Their voices, more rich and seamlessly harmonized, bear little resemblance to the high falsetto of debut hits like "Penny and Me." However "all grown up" they are, they can't help but write a good pop song, with their single "Thinking Bout Somethin" showing that the band is still capable of that boyish croon. 

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    Long before acts like the Jonas Bros., Hanson carved out a niche as the original sibling boy band. With that and longevity comes a devout fan base that continues to buy out shows, thanks to Hanson's tireless effort to interact with their fans. Whether it's livestreamed shows, an active fan club, an effort to stay relevant through their musical evolution or their commitment to various nonprofit initiatives, Hanson are still just down-to-earth Oklahoma boys who are more than happy to continuing doing what they love for the fans who love them.


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