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Damon Castillo Band Performs at Bernardo Winery



    The Damon Castillo Band is a musical experience, continuing to define what music should be and what music was.  Their style is impossible to classify in one genre.  Castillo reaches into his infinite lyric coffer, planting a story to a rock foundation with roots of jazz, soul and pop that sprout a budding, addictive song full of rhythms, harmonies and melodies.

    Castillo's voice has a deep, calming and sensual mesmerizing effect that commands an audience to listen to him.  In the confrontational "Claim to Fame," he sings with a nonchalant attitude, but makes you feel his pain in the soulful "All I Really Want," on his EP, Revolving Door.  Extracting stories and observations from life, Castillo voice echoes the emotions that are instilled in his songs. 

    A lyric deity, Castillo combines words and experiences resulting in silky, sultry songs that depicts emotions of love, life and thought provoking tales.  The track, "One Life Stand," gives hope that a one night stand could result into a lifetime partner  in the chorus verse; When a one night stand/ Turned into a one week stand/ Turned into a one month stand/ Turned into a one-year stand / Now I'm standing here in front of you making one last stand/ Baby let's make this a one life stand.

    A singer/songwriter typically is the standout in a band, this isn't case in the Damon Castillo Band.  The five-piece band, features JJ (Jennings Jacobsen) on percussion, Brian Lanzone on bass, Kristian Ducharme on keyboards, Larry Kim on saxophone and Damon Castillo as lead vocalist.  The extremely talented musicians enhance the songs and elevates Castillo's beautiful voice with passionate execution and dedication as evidenced on the upbeat track "That Ain't Love," on the Laurel Lanealbum.

    Recently filmed "In Session: Damon Castillo Band," in San Diego that appeared on Wealth TV, the band opens up about their music, perform live and record one of their new tracks, "Saint Cecilia" live.  Make a purchase and take a tour of Laurel Lane or enter a Revolving Door, either way you'll experience music that is fresh, innovative and relevant.  San Diego has Jason Mraz, but the Damon Castillo Band is putting San Luis Obispo on the map. 

    You need to experience the Damon Castillo Band in concert at the KPRi Live event, 1 p.m. Saturday, June 26 at the Bernardo Winery.  Register for FREE admission.