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Cupid Shoots Lasers This Valentine's Day



    More than 20 years ago, as a freshman at San Diego State in the mid-'80s, it was a weekend tradition to leave campus and hit the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center for Laserium.  A 91X sponsored event, the night began with a "tailgate" in a Balboa Park parking lot, followed by a spectacular laser show (rivaling the Super Bowl halftime show), set to the music of Pink Floyd, the Police, Styx, U2 and Led Zeppelin.  It was classic, and it disappeared in the '90s. For many years, as an employee of 91X, I wanted to resurrect the laser franchise with contemporary artists but couldn't pull it off.  Instead, I yearned for the return of lasers to the San Diego landscape. 

    Enter Paramount's LaserSpectacular, with two shows at the Spreckels Theater on Feb. 14.  This Valentine's Day, Cupid's not shooting arrows, he's shooting lasers.

    The first show (5 p.m.) is a live concert tribute to Michael Jackson. From the web site :

    "LaserSpectacular pays tribute to the pop legend's life and legacy with a stunning stage presentation. The show features one of the top Michael Jackson impersonators straight from the Vegas stage! The show's dance troupe performs all of Michael Jackson's choreography to perfection! The production includes lasers, large screen video projection, concert lighting and 50,000 watts of awesome sound. Spanning his 40-year career, the show will take the audience on a visual journey that captures the essence of Michael Jacksons' worldwide concert appearances."

    The second show (7:30 p.m.) is a trip down memory lane, with LaserFloyd.  From the Web site :

    "In its 23rd year of successful touring, the two-hour LaserSpectacular features Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, with the second half featuring the best of Pink Floyd (including The Wall) in 3-D! The Pink Floyd Laser Show is a true testament to the leaps and bounds that our society has made in the field of lighting and theater. Set to the atmospheric sounds and landscapes that Pink Floyd created throughout their career, the Pink Floyd Laser Show allows fans the unique experience of hearing their favorite songs orchestrated by a science fiction style light show. The Pink Floyd Light Show will be a true experience that any Pink Floyd fan will enjoy."