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Becky G Makes You Say La-Di-Da

The Mexican-American rapper Becky G from Inglewood knows how to keep families together through rap



    If there was ever an America's rap sweetheart, it would have to be Becky G.

    On Saturday, the Mexican-American rap/singer gave a solid performance with mighty breath control at Z90's Hot Shots concert at the House of Blues. It was an all-ages show filled with young adults and school-age children as young as one 5-year-old Becky G fan.

    And. yes, a 21-and-up crowd did halfway fill the bar section.

    Some of the kiddies sat on their parent's shoulders to get a better view of Cover Girl's first rap spokesmodel. Becky G, who was clad in a supercute colorful floral minidress jersey with a 23 emblazoned on the front, matching snapback hat and gold hoop earrings, didn't miss a step with her two male hip-hop dancers.

    Jim Dyson/Getty Images, File

    One Mexican-American mom, Natalie Silvas, brought her 5-year-old and 7-year-old daughters to their first rap concert as a family.

    "I like that she inspires my daughters with lyrics about the power of prayer," Silvas said.

    In "Becky From the Block, the performer from Inglewood raps, "If you can't catch me roaming in my barrio/I'm with my litas praying the Rosario/Inglewood, Inglewood, Inglewood."

    Becky G's winning gap-toothed smile, impeccable urban fashion flair and mousey, around-the-way girl rap flow is the type to makes you feel giddy and have sunshine for days. It's the type of rap music you'd want your kids to listen to. She's as safe as Sugar Hill, Another Bad Creation, TLC -- you get the picture.

    Even a hardcore hip-hop head like me, though, found myself falling in love with her music and impressed with her stage presence. Becky G is the Alka-Seltzer to the painful hangover of misogynistic get-high rap themes dominating the air waves.

    Watch Becky G perform her hit song “Showers” at House of Blues here.

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