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"This Ain't Training": Despite What Denzel Says, "Unstoppable" Is All Training



    Denzel Washington and director Tony Scott have dropped the trailer for their latest movie about a man desperately trying to stop a runaway train from killing an untold number of innocent victims.

    "Unstoppable" stars Washington as a seasoned railroad engineer showing a rookie, played by Chris Pine, the ropes. As with all stories involving a veteran and a newbie, an unprecedented disaster strikes, in this instance a runaway train pulling eight freight cars of hazardous chemicals hurtling down the tracks on a collision course with a bunch of school kids.

    It looks kinda dopey, but possibly entertaining. Washington is a known quantity, of course, and our man-crush on Pine will continue unabated until he gives cause for it to end. Mix in Rosario Dawson and Ethan Suplee, and you've got a likable enough cast.

    And then there's Tony Scott, whose "True Romance" stands as one of the great fluke films of all time. It's better and markedly different from the rest of his work. Still, he's made some pretty good movies in his day, including "Man on Fire," which we find ourselves unable to turn away from whenever it's on TV.