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Rachel Weisz May Be Gunning for James Bond



    Yes, things at MGM are beyond a mess, with the studio in limbo until its sale goes thorugh -- or doesn't -- but the show must go on. To that end, there's talk that Rachel Weisz could be the head nasty in the next 007 film.

    Weisz is friends with Daniel "James Bond" Craig, and used to date Sam Mendes, who is rumored to be directing the next Bond film, so casting her in the next chapter makes sense, reported CinemaBlend.

    Their sources indicate that rather than just being another Bond girl or female gun-for-hire, ala Famke Jansen, Weisz would be the head of Quantum, the nefarious organization behind all of Bond's troubles in the previous two installments.

    Whether or not this comes to fruition is up in the air, but after Weisz' turn in the overlooked "Brothers Bloom," it seems entirely plausible. She came off as funny, smart and sly in "Bloom," three key ingredients for playing an evil mastermind.

    But both Freida Pinto and Olivia Wilde have been rumored to join Bond 23 only to issue denials in the flash of an eye. Maybe the denials were red herrings and MGM is putting together a posse of villainous knockouts to battle Bond.