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Laura Linney's "Big C" Trailer Offers Promise and Worry



    The trailer for Laura Linney's new Showtime series has hit the tubes, bringing with it high hopes and a bit of anxiety.

    "The Big C" stars Linney as a woman who discovers that she has breast cancer. As much as we love Linney and regard her as a grossly underused talent, the trailer smacks of a touching and wacky spiritual journey. Ugh.

    Elizabeth Perkins played the middle-aged breast cancer survivor Celia Hodes with monstrous glee on "Weeds," another Showtime series. Let's hope Linney's character doesn't try to go in the opposite direction and embrace treacle. The fact that the show's original title was "The C Word" gives us hope.

    Again, Linney is great, and the supporting cast includes Oliver Platt, who usually comes to play, and Gabourey Sidibe, the breakout star of "Precious," so the benefit of the doubt is warranted.

    The show will premiere sometime this summer.