Nothin' But a Hound Dog, Cryin' Up a Tree

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    Whatever Buford was chasing must have been shocked when the hound dog followed it right up a tall tree.

    He's from the state where Elvis Presley made his mark, and this ol' hound dog certainly had something to cry about.

    A family near Knoxville, Tennessee had to call in a bucket truck to get their 5-month-old hound dog, Buford, out of a very tall tree.

    Buford Finds Himself Up a Tree

    [LA] Buford Finds Himself Up a Tree
    It's not clear how he got up there, but rescuers had to use a bucket truck to get this hound dog mix puppy out of his family's very tall tree. (Published Wednesday, March 25, 2009)

    It's not clear how Buford made it up the tree, but he must have been motivated.

    Perhaps he was chasing a cat, or just wanted to get closer to the moon, to howl at.

    Either way, rescuers successfully got the precocious pooch down from his perilous perch -- at which point he made the rounds, greeting his family and thanking the rescue crew with sloppy dog kisses.

    He may have never caught a rabbit, but he is a friend, of theirs.