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13-Foot, 6-Inch Alligator Captured in North Florida

Massive gator spotted Wednesday morning along northern reaches of Lake George in Putnam County



    Bill Williams, right, and his wife Louann prepare to move a 13-foot-7-inch-long gator that they caught in Lake George on the St. Johns River on Wednesday Sept. 11, 2013 in Putnam County, Fla.

    A north Florida couple captured an alligator that is roughly 13-feet, 7 inches long.
    Ben and Louann Williams spotted the gator Wednesday morning along the northern reaches of Lake George in Putnam County.
    The Florida Times-Union reports the couple hauled the alligator to their seafood market in Mandarin. Ben Williams says they'll get 200 or more pounds of meat, plus the hide and claws, from the gator.

    Florida fish and wildlife officials say estimating the gator's weight is tricky, but other record-size gators about the same size weigh between 700 and 870 pounds.
    The Williams had four permits to catch alligators from the state's lottery-style permitting system. The state designates areas where alligators can be captured in during a season that runs from mid-August to Nov. 1.

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