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Best Airports for People Watching

Turns out when people are stuck in the airport, they like to watch each other



    Turns out when people are stuck in the airport, they like to watch each other.

    For those who don’t come to the airport armed with a Kindle, iPod and neck pillows, people-watching can be a good source of entertainment. Especially when flights are delayed and there’s nothing better to do.

    USA Today revealed some of the best airports to people-watch, which include LAX, Las Vegas McCarran International, Orlando International and JFK in New York. These airports have some of the most foot traffic in the country, along with some everyday celebrity sightings.

    San Diego didn’t make the list, but Lindbergh Field officials beg to differ.

    “As the gateway to Comic-Con, I think we have one of the most entertaining people-watching opportunities around,” airport spokesperson Katie Jones said.

    The San Diego airport may be small, but it provides ample opportunity to see unusual sights at the terminals.

    “We also help transport animals from Sea World to events cross-country,” said Jones. “So you can see a penguin go through security.”

    It's not a person, but that's certainly something worth watching.

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