Sex Bribe Lands Ex-cop in Prison

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    A former California Highway Patrol officer has been sentenced to two years in prison for dismissing a speeding ticket in exchange for sex.

    Superior Court Judge Lia Foster sentenced 53-year-old Abram Carabajal on Friday for perjury and receiving a bribe, giving him a harsher sentence than the Probation Department recommended.

    Prosecutors say Carabajal asked a traffic court judge to dismiss the case against Shirrin Zarrindej because he had not received the subpoena for her ticket.

    Verdicts In for "Sex or Ticket" Trial

    [DGO] Verdicts In for "Sex or Ticket" Trial
    Jurors convicted former CHP officer Abram Carabajal on bribery and perjury charges while acquitting co-defendant Shirin Zarrindej of both those counts. The jury deadlocked 11-1 on the conspiracy charge against both defendants.

    He and Zarrindej later met at an Oceanside motel for sex.

    Zarrindej was acquitted of subornation of perjury and bribery.

    Speeding-Ticket Sex-Bribe Case Going to Trial

    [DGO] Speeding-Ticket Sex-Bribe Case Going to Trial
    A former Highway Patrol officer will stand trial for allegedly fixing a ticket for a female motorist in return for sex.

    During the trial, several women testified Carabajal had given them his cell number after writing them tickets, offering to "work something out."