Nuclear Plant Hauler Traveling Through North County

The massive steam generator left San Onofre Sunday night

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    A massive steam generator left San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and temporarily parked in Escondido.

    A massive steam generator carrying a slightly radioactive load stopped in San Diego late Sunday night en route to a disposal site in Clive, Utah, reports our media partner North County Times.

    The large transporter left San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Sunday evening and parked on 1300 block of West Mission Road in Escondido, blocking off one lane of traffic on each side.

    The transporter is enormous at 399 feet long and 20 feet wide, with 192 wheels and 48 axles. Officials said the 380-ton load being moved is only slightly radioactive.

    Engineers made repairs on the transporter In the last two years and large metal capsules have been used to repair cracks in the generators internal plumbing.

    The hauler is only traveling at night and will head north on Interstate 15 to get to Utah.

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