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Public Divided on Children’s Pool Policy



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    San Diego residents have mixed views on a new policy implemented by Mayor Bob Filner earlier this month that required the La Jolla Children’s Pool to be closed at night.

    Filner said that a seal camera recently installed has captured video of people harassing the seals.

    Public Divided on Children's Pool Policy

    [DGO] Public Divided on Children's Pool Policy
    The Children's Pool in La Jolla is now closed every night at Sunset. NBC 7 reporter Todd Strain talks to residents and city leaders for and against the closure.
    (Published Friday, March 29, 2013)

    The grainy video shows two individuals inside the security ropes getting very close to the seals and one person even appears to sit on a seal.

    La Jolla resident Dave Norton said he’s witnessed some odd behavior at the Children’s Pool.

    “I’ve seen people go close to seals, hug them, get their little children could be bit by seals, I don't like that’s neither favorable for seal or human,” he said.

    But some locals are not happy with the mayor’s new policy.

    Children's Pool Activist Criticizes Mayor's Response

    [DGO] Children's Pool Activist Criticizes Mayor's Response
    The seals at Children's Pool in La Jolla clearly being harassed. The video was the basis for Mayor Bob Filner's recent decision to close the area every night at sunset. But did the mayor overreact? NBC 7's Artie Ojeda reports.
    (Published Friday, March 29, 2013)

    Ken Hunrichs, President of the Friend of the Children's Pool not only believes the mayor overstepped his power in closing the beach. He also suggested the whole thing may have been staged to drum out support for completely shutting off public access to this beach.

    “The beach is a public beach, we have right to access beaches in California and to restrict that there has to be good reason justification for it,” said Hunrichs.

    The seal camera is run by Western Alliance for Nature (WAN), a nonprofit based out of Malibu, Calif.
    Founder of Western Alliance, Larry Wan did not address whether the incident was staged or not, but he said they recently released new video showing more harassment of the seals.

    “The camera is there for research and provide people enjoyment of the seals,” Wan said.

    Filner’s did not respond to an interview request for this story. 

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