Mysterious Lights Reported Above Oceanside, Camp Pendleton | NBC 7 San Diego

Mysterious Lights Reported Above Oceanside, Camp Pendleton



    Mysterious lights floating above Oceanside and Camp Pendleton have prompted numerous phone calls and emails into the NBC 7 newsroom with residents from Del Mar to Vista speculating about where they are coming from.

    Camp Pendleton officials shed some light on the issue Monday night.

    They believe the weird glowing is from artillery units doing live-fire training exercises around the clock.

    The Marines sent out a warning last week telling neighbors to expect increased noise, thanks to howitzer and mortar firing, but the release did not mention UFO-like flashes.

    Officials say the lights should disappear around 3 a.m. Tuesday, but they will continue every night through Sunday.

    Oceanside Police and Fire departments say they are being flooded with calls as well from scared residents.