Vaccinate Your Child for Meningitis: County Officials | NBC 7 San Diego

Vaccinate Your Child for Meningitis: County Officials



    It may be Valentine's Day, but it is also the start of "Preteen Vaccine Week."
    The San Diego CountyDepartment of Health and Human Services wants parents to be sure to vaccinate their children have all their recommended vaccines, especially meningitis.   

    In San Diego County, an average of 11 cases of Meningitis is reported annually.
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say 10 to 15 percent of people who get the disease die. Another 11 to 19 percent of people infected lose their arms or legs, become deaf, or suffer seizures or strokes.

    Meningitis is most common in teenagers ages 15 to 19 and college freshmen who live in dormitories.

    "Before I got meningitis I had flu like symptoms," said Meningitis survivor Jonathan DeGuzman. "My Mom and Dad told me I almost died from meningitis."

    In order to survive, DeGuzman had both his feet and all ten of his fingers amputated.

    The following are a few ways the disease can be contracted: sharing drinking glasses, eating utensils or water bottles; kissing; smoking; and living in close quarters.