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Hitting the Road for Cheaper Prices

Drivers keeping an eye out for deals

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    A man refuels his car.

    How far are you willing to drive to find cheaper prices?

    Gary Seelinger says he has his limits.

    "I would go up to five miles probably," he said.

    Others say they stay closer to home.

    Hitting the Road for Cheaper Prices

    [DGO] Hitting the Road for Cheaper Prices
    Drivers are keeping an eye out for deals.

    "I might travel a half a mile, but that's about it," said Sid Scott.
    For some people it's not about driving for cheaper gas prices, but sitting. 

    "I wouldn't want to wait more than 15 or 20 minutes," said Carlos Vargas.

    We found Vargas sitting in his car at a Costco in Mission Valley. He says he drives hundreds of miles a week and doesn't mind waiting in line to save money.
    San Diego State University marking professor Michael Belch says it all comes down to priorities and your bank account.

    "I think it comes down to your economic status," said Belch, "It comes down to how much time do I have?"
    Prices are going up every day in San Diego County.  On Monday prices were 20 cents higher than they were just seven days earlier and people notice.
    "How do you fight it other than walk," said Joe Iraci.