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Help the Environment, Win Free Gas



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    Vote for Dave Cynkin and you could win free gas...

    San Diegans have the chance to win free gas and promote an Eco-friendly lifestyle, thanks to Dave Cynkin, who is participating in Ford's Ecoboost Challenge.

    Cynkin was selected with seven other participants in eight different cities try to win free gas for their respective cities. The challenge consists of three parts, participants must drive an Eco-friendly car for five days to see who gets the best gas mileage; they must win the most Facebook votes, and lastly they have to get 50 volunteers to show up for a community project.

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    Cynkin and his volunteers worked over the weekend at the Bayside Community Center in Linda Vista. The center's executive director says Cynkin's project will help build pride in their community.

    "This is a community that has an unfair reputation, that only bad things happen," Bayside's Executive Director Jorge Riquelme. "In fact it's a community where a lot of important, beautiful things are happening. We want to show San Diego and the rest of America that we can come together, regardless of background, economic, ethnic and build a community for community garden."

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    If Cynkin wins, San Diegans will win free regular grade gasoline at two local gas stations for two hours on Sept.2.

    The winner will be selected this week.