Deputies Crack Down on Distracted Driving

438 citations were issued to distracted drivers

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    More than 400 citations were issued last week to people using cell phones while driving, according to the sheriff’s department.

    San Diego County deputies joined forces with California Highway Patrol officers from April 9 to 13 for a campaign against distracted driving, which included texting and talking without a hands-free device.

    Police Crack Down on Distracted Driving

    [DGO] Police Crack Down on Distracted Driving
    Distracted driving isn't just talking or texting with your cellphone anymore. (Published Friday, Dec. 30, 2011)

    Four arrests were made during the 5-day period, and 438 citations were issued for people using cell phones while driving. Officers and deputies also observed 514 violations of distracted driving, but were unable to issue citations because higher priority calls were issued. 

    Several of the driver's cited had received previous citations for distracted driving, according to sheriffs.

    In February, 467 people were issued citations during a similar crackdown.

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