Burning Bomb House Cost Half Million: Sheriff

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    A house erupts in flames on Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010 during the controlled burn of a home in Escondido, Calif., that was so packed with homemade explosives that authorities claim they had no choice but to burn it to the ground. The house was rented by an out-of-work software consultant who allegedly assembled an astonishing quantity of bomb-making materials that included chemicals used by Middle Eastern suicide bombers. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

    The controlled burn of a home packed with explosives cost the San Diego County Sheriff's Department more than $541,000, according to authorities.

    The cost of the operation will have a significant impact on the budget, Sheriff Bill Gore said Wednesday.

    Asst Sheriff Describes Inside of "Bomb Factory" Home

    [DGO] Asst Sheriff Describes Inside of "Bomb Factory" Home
    San Diego County Assistant Sheriff Ed Prendergast paints a picture of the inside of the North County home considered a "bomb factory" by prosecutors. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010)

    He says his department tried to minimize costs by rotating deputies from various commands to reduce overtime, using search and rescue volunteers and other police departments when possible.

    The department is asking for reimbursement from the state.

    "Bomb Factory" Owners Want Money

    [DGO] "Bomb Factory" Owners Want Money
    They're reportedly demanding at least $500,000. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011)

    Authorities say they had to incinerate the Escondido-area home on Dec. 9 after deciding it was too dangerous to remove unstable chemicals that were found after a gardener stepped on explosive residue and was injured.

    The home's renter, George Jakubec, has pleaded not guilty to bank robbery and making destructive devices.

    Bomb House Fire From Lookout Point

    [DGO] Bomb House Fire From Lookout Point
    News photographers weren't the only ones who stayed nearby to watch the house burn in Escondido (Published Friday, Dec. 10, 2010)