Chili's Steps Up To Help Local Girl With Multiple Organ Failure

Kourtney Najjar got the new organs, but the operation cost more than a million dollars.

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    The 7-year old is living in constant pain

    Some generous San Diegan's turned out to help a little girl who desperately needed a multi-organ transplant.  

    You may remember 8-year old Kourtney Najjar who suffers from a rare disease that led to intestinal failure. Thursday was Kourtney's Day and 15-percent of the proceeds at four local Chili's restaurants are going to help the family.  Last month Kourtney received new organs,  but her mom says there were severe complications. 

    Laura Najjar says the operation cost more than a million dollars and the family is broke. "Financially, we are ruined," said  Najjar, "We are just trying to pick ourselves up and keep what we have right now.

    "This month, we have no income at all because neither one of us can work and we were told to stay bedside," she said.

    Proceeds from sales at the Chili's in Mission Valley, Grossmont, Santee and  Otay Ranch will go to help the family. If you'd like to contribute something you can also go to the family's website "kourt'skrew. com."