Mountain Sounds: Julian Blues Bash

Enjoy a day of music at Menghini Winery.

THE PERFECT RECIPE: While your local bookstore likely has a full shelf or two of cookbooks, tomes that detail all the various measurements for the ideal batch of cookies or lasagna, you probably won't find a book detailing the perfect recipe for a music show. And, true, tastes do vary in that department, but let's all warmly agree on this: If you take a winery in a mountain-sweet setting, and you throw in the last Saturday of springtime, and you add a daylong music lark that's been around for the better part of two decades, well, bingo: You're going to come up with a mighty savory dish. And that particular dish, with all of its delicious parts, will be served on Saturday, June 18 when the Julian Blues Bash breaks out the grooves and flows for its 18th year.

SO THAT'S A SNAP TO REMEMBER: 18th year, June 18, and while tickets are no longer available online, you can pick one up there, on the day-of, for forty bucks. Some of the artists on the line-up include The McCoy Brothers Band, The Alastair Greene Band, and Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown. And for sure, there's an all-star jam session as evening falls (for what would a bluesy come-together be without a bit of jamming from the stage?). It's a summer's-just-ahead tradition for the higher-elevation area, one that is kind of the quintessential warm-weather sound party. It's a busy weekend for Julian, by the by; the open house at the Hubbell House, a local architectural gem, is scheduled for Sunday, June 19.

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