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Watch For Water Wasters

Why water when Mother Nature's doing it for you?



    Watch For Water Wasters
    This photo of a "gusher" was taken at the Wells Fargo Bank in Scripps Ranch.

    It's not like it's a secret; like nobody has been talking about it - ALL WEEK! 

    The rain started Thursday afternoon.  Every weatherman, weather-women, weather-page, weather-blog, weather-channel and  weather website has been predicting wet weather since before last weekend.  You'd think people would get the word, and realize they don't need their sprinklers when Mother Nature's doing the sprinkling for them.

    Still, whether it's a case of not knowing how to turn the automatic sprinkler system off, forgetting to do so or just not making the effort (could it be a lack of faith in your favorite weather predictor?) water is being wasted all around the county; and folks, the county can't afford that.

    San Diego is in the midst of its worst drought in years and every drop counts.  The entire state is dry, granted not this weekend, but overall we're still way below normal precipitation levels and unless we get a whole lot of these kinds of storms we're going to see water restrictions in force like we haven't seen since the 80s.

    By the way, the photo of the "gusher"  was taken at a Wells Fargo Bank in Scripps Ranch at 6 a.m. Saturday morning.  If you're a customer, let them know.  They may tell you it's their landlord's fault and it probably is since landscaping responsibilities usually fall in that direction.  Still, if you don't say something, who will? 

    Fact is, if everyone doesn't jump on the bandwagon and take notice by letting home or business owners know, thousands of gallons of precious water will continue to go down the drain and eventually everyone is going to be paying for it, one way or another.