Who is Tijuana's Latinsizer?

Guess which of our favorite Tijuana musicians is behind the musical project Latinsizer

Tijuana is the the birthplace of everything cool in transborder music. After all, the city has birthed trendsetters like Julieta Venegas, Ceci Bastida, Carla Morrison and the guys who put Tijuana EDM on the map: Nortec Collective Bostich + Fussible. Pepe Mogt, the man who puts the Fussible in Bostich + Fussible, is also the mastermind behind Latinsizer.

What is Latinsizer? It's Mogt's musical side-project that made its debut in 2004 with an EP titled Nomada, followed by Ritmo-55 (2004) and At Mutex-MX (2005). The sound is undoubtedly inspired by his love for the Moog synthesizer and his admitted love for old school hip-hop, '80s New Wave and Tijuana.

You may not believe this, but Pepe told me in a recent interview that his favorite rappers include Tupac and Afrika Bambaataa. Mogt, if you will, is a Tijuana renaissance man, but without all the airs expected of someone held in such high regard by the local musicians following in the path he and Bostich paved for them. He is always exploring and transcending musical sounds but somehow always keeping it unique to Tijuana.

The Latinsizer sound is perfectly summed up on his website:

“A very synthetic and basic set of musical tools to create a quirky approach to electronic music. This approach could be described as a combination of the melodic work of early synth-pop classics and the grit of urban Tijuana. The texture and warmth of analog sounds are the means with which Latinsizer becomes an alternate project to Nortec and, particularly, to Fussible.”

We can look forward to Mogt dropping a new Latinsizer LP and remixes of old school hip-hop songs this year. Follow Pepe Mogt.

Get a Latinsizer medical lesson in synthesizing veggies and beats in Pepe Mogt's “Celofán”:

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