The Life of a ‘Saint'

There are some musicians who develop their own tribe over the years. Staying true to their own music, writing earnest, relatable lyrics and touring consistently year after year, without a big publicity machine or a huge label hyping their music, just letting the fans spread the word because they believe in the musician. One such artist is Damien Jurado, who, year after year, returns to San Diego. It becomes almost a reunion of sorts; a small crowd the first time he performed, growing each time he returns. It may not be a sold-out show, but everyone in the room respects the music, respects each other and feels like they are a part of a special group uniquely linked by one man's words and music. I look forward to Jurado's return every time he passes through, and with his latest release, Saint Bartlett, I suspect the tribe will be a few members stronger. 

Tuesday June 29:

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