All Santos Day

Tijuana's gothic child of ruidosón, Santos, exclusively leaked “La Quebrada” to us! This track is from his sophomore album, Shaka, which will be released on Aug. 24 on indie label Tropic-All.

Listen: Santos - "La Quebrada"

The track's hypnotic chorus is sung by Santos himself: “Solo quiero bailar, disfrutar esta noche con tigo amor.” ["I only want to dance, enjoy the night with you, my love."]

As soon as you hear the cumbia drums thumping and his signature organ melody, you're going to imagine yourself inside the nightclub dancing your way to the bar to get that brave-up drink to finally ask the person you've been eyeing to dance.

Santos says “La Quebrada” is “like a mixture and a play on words. The song is not the typical love song.”

He also revealed that Shaka promises to be a deeper album than his first. “The songs are about personal experiences -- problems with love and stuff.”

If this is his first leak, we can't wait to hear what's next.

Dita Quiñones is a multimedia journalist with a passion for Latin alternative and hip-hop music news. In addition to SoundDiego, she contributes to Latina, FOX News Latino, Poder and HipHopDx. She is also the founder of the infamous music and politrix blog GN$F! Follow Dita on Twitter.

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