Dem Bones, Dem Prime Rib Bones

When was the last time you had some mouth-watering prime rib bones?  They're not your standard fare at most rib joints.   I'll bet you'd never think you could order them at a pizza joint.

But thanks to a famous San Diego pizza place, you can.   At Filippis Pizza Grotto in the Mira Mesa/Scripps Ranch neighborhood in San Diego, you can have dem bones aplenty!

My huge pile of dem bones, smothered in barbeque sauce, was enough to make this girl save all her Weight Watchers points for one meal!  It was THAT worth it.

When the De Philippis bought the place from a former Mexican-restaurant owner, they had a full bar and a grill.   So they thought they should add some meats to the menu.  That was a pain in the hindquarter, so they got rid of the grill and stuck to prime rib in the oven.  And when you have prime rib baby, you get dem prime rib bones.

They are succulent and satisfying.  They are marvelous and messy.  They even bring you a bowl of warm lemon water to clean your hands.  And best of all, they're only ten bucks!  That's less than a Weight Watcher's meeting my friends.

And you won't see them on the menu.  They're a “locals only” kind of thing. Ask for "the other" menu says owner Karen DePhilippis, and you'll get your bones. Did I also mention my hubby, Gary, said the prime rib was also over the top?   And it was only $17, including potato, salad, mushrooms and garlic bread.

They don't have the bones on Friday night so don't ask.  It's their Friday lunch special, so by dinner they're gone.  They also don't have them at any of the other Filippis locations.  It's a gastronomical delightful secret I'm sharing with just you guys!

The address for Filippis Pizza Grotto is 9969 Mira Mesa Boulevard in San Diego.

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