Google's Doodle Goes Under The Sea

Google has long been known for its doodles, honoring people for what they've done.  Today is no exception.  In fact, this one goes the extra mile - or, say, the extra 20,000 leagues.

Jules Verne, the writer who gave us "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea," would be 183 years old Tuesday, and Google celebrates not just with a doodle, but with a doodle that lets you operate a virtual submarine.  Go to its homepage at, and you can move a joystick to send your sub periscope down, up, left, or right. 

This may remind many of you of the recent "Pac-Mac" doodle, which let you play the famous video game; that one came as a joint effort between the search giant and Pac-Man maker Namco.  This time, instead of dodging ghosts, you'll meet squid, while you cruise past shipwrecked vessels.

Over the years, the Google doodles have evolved from a one-person operation to a whole mini-department.  It's always cool to go back there and see them at work, and this latest one looks like it started as a post Pac-man inspiration.  It's cool, and look for your office productivity to dip as employees discover it during the day.

Scott is already planning his 183rd birthday party.  He's on Twitter:  @scottbudman
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