‘WOW, What a Great Deal'

The Padres unveiled a $5 value meal for this coming season. For just five bucks, fans can get a hot dog, regular soda, peanuts, popcorn and a cookie. For $10, fans can get a 16-ounce beer instead of the soda.  The value meal will be in place for all of the Padres home games, officials said.

Ticket prices are dropping, too: some seats are diping by $10, while upper box seats will go for $5 less. 

Some fans said they were underwhelmed with the Friars' decision to drop beer prices by just 50 cents. However, Padres fans in our San Diego News Now facebook group were excited about the new prices.

"Wow, what a great deal!  I'll spend $25 on a ticket in left field and a value meal with beer," Thomas O'Hara said.

Steve D'Addario was also excited about the announcement.

"This makes for an even great place for a date!  Everyone loves going to sporting events.  I think this will draw more people, create more fans and possibly raise more pride for this team and city," he said.

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