Thanks to Facebook, you can safely call Alfredsson a princess

From the social networking site that gave us Mike Commodore bathing himself in greenbacks, Alanah from Canucks and Beyond brings the world some instant-classic photos of the Ottawa Senators in costume during the Ray Emery era:

Alanah writes that these photos were tagged with Ray Emery's name uploaded by Ray Emery and were thus available on his Facebook site. She and her commenters have immediately made with the sleuthing: Daniel Alfredsson is the princess with the amazing legs; Brian McGrattan is in the Senators jersey on the right; and former KHL superstar Ray Emery is supposed to be Vince Carter. Doesn't that image on the right look like the greatest VH1 reality show never made?

In the additional photos from C&B, you can spot Nick Foligno as some sort of hair metal groupie; as well as some dude dressed as Luigi from "Super Mario Bros.", who is there, we assume, to save Daniel Alfredsson and restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

One of the commenters pegs this as a Halloween party from two years ago. Our buddy Erin Nicks believes the gentleman with the microphone is a hypnotist, who later snapped his fingers, said the magic word ("Gerber") and made the Senators suck for the next two seasons.

Pension Plan Puppets is doing a caption-this-photo thing; hilarity has ensued.

On the Facebook red-face-o-meter, in which Commodore's money shot is a "1" and Jiri Tlusty's ... uh, other shot is a "10," this one settles in at about a four. Goofy, innocent fun at a costume party; yet also an NHL team captain dressed for his super sweet 16.

By and by the way: We're still waiting for someone to e-mail us with our great white whale of NHL cross-dressing: Blues defenseman Jay McKee dressed as Marilyn Monroe from the 'Seven Year Itch' at Dan Hinote's wedding.

(UPDATE: You know, it's days like this on which we can't help but love you guys. Thanks to Monica and Shy and "JM" for all sending us over to the great St. Louis Game Time from last month, who published the McKee-as-Marilyn image above. We're really hoping that dress stayed down ...)

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