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On the right is the unofficial Montreal Canadiens doomsday clock, which as you can see is ticking perilously closer to midnight.

Alexei Kovalev was sent home yesterday, setting off a firestorm of speculation about his future with the team and what the Habs will do as an organization to save a season spiraling off into chaos.

Lyle "Spector" Richardson has a good collection of stories chronicling the last 24 hours of Montreal news, along with some sound analysis on the Kovalev matter.

You can join him (and possibly David "Schedule Conflict" Pagnotta of The Fourth Period) to talk about the Habs, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers and every other team that's having a bit of a struggle in our weekly rumors, scuttlebutt and innuendo chat. Plus the usual chatter about trade deadline moves that will or will not be made. Bouwmeester!

The chat begins at 1 p.m. EST; as always, bring the funny.

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