Matador Gored By Bull During Fight

Amazingly, the man escaped with only minor injuries

WARNING: The video in this story is graphic in nature

Matador Andres Roca Rey, 19, was gored in the buttocks by a bull as he took on the animal in a bull fight Seville, Spain over the weekend. Astonishingly Roca Rey was able to walk away from the encounter with only minor injuries.

The bullfighter appeared to have been impaled through the bottom by the 1,176lb bull's horn as a terrified crowd looked on. Roca Rey was able to free himself and get away as fellow fighters ran into the ring to help.

The matador is believed to have only been grazed on the thigh by the bull's horn and might even get back in the ring for another fight in Spain as early as Tuesday. Video of the incident is courtesy of M News.

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