L.T. Signed, but Now What?

The Chargers' deal with LaDainian Tomlinson is merely a catalyst toward what could be a flurry of offseason activity, according to a published report.

Don't expect the majority of that to come via free agency, according to the North County Times.

"I'd rather work through the draft," GM A.J. Smith said last week. "I'd rather identify our own players and invest in them instead of trying to find players from other teams."

The Chargers would like to invest in a number of impact players with rapidly expiring contracts, some of whom will be rewarded for their efforts. The free agent class of 2009 includes quarterback Philip Rivers, linebacker Shawne Merriman, left tackle Marcus McNeill and wide receiver Vincent Jackson. Antonio Gates is signed through 2010, but the Chargers would also like to extend that deal in the near future.

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