Chargers Are Back … Right?

WIll They Play Like This From Now On?

The Chargers are back! 

How many times have you heard that this season?  Their dissection of the Patriots would suggest that the Chargers have finally morphed into the Super Bowl contender many thought they would be. 

Of course, so did their beat-down of Brett Favre's Jets. The next week they scratched out a win over Oakland, then lost to Miami.  Why should we believe this one will be different? Simple: We shouldn't. This team has had more ups-and-downs than Magic Mountain. One week, the defense is an aggressive, attacking unit that likes to bust through the line, grab a quarterback and say, "Make a wish."  Seven days later, they sit back and sip cocktails while opposing passers carve them up like a Thanksgiving bird.

If it wasn't for Philip Rivers, the Bolts' season would already be lost. Up next are trips to Buffalo and London (to play New Orleans and eat fish and chips).  Both the Bills and Saints are hunting the playoffsm, and both teams have aggressive, innovative head coaches.  Win them both and the Chargers make the playoffs, no ifs, ands or buts. Lose them both, and the season is officially over  Split them and ... well, we're right back to where we are now: floating in limbo and wondering if this team will ever find an identity.

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