Aztecs Are Finally No. 1!

SDSU cheers after Stephen Strasburg picked No. 1 in MLB draft

All Aztecs fans dream that somehow, someway, against all odds, San Diego State will finally wind up on top -- in anything.

For example, a national championship in football would be the end-all. After all, BYU won one once, and Utah nearly won one last season. But we know that's unlikely. Not only are we coming off one of the worst college football seasons ever put together, but as long as the BCS system is still in place, the Aztecs have as much chance of winning a national title as Kenya does of winning a Stanley Cup.

So ... despite our prayers and hopes and dreams ... national championships continue to be the domain of other universities. (And, yes, I do know that the SDSU men's volleyball team did claim the '75 national title ... but a repeat seems highly unlikely given the fact that the school dropped the sport several years ago.)

That's why today, all of us Aztecs should be proud. Because Tuesday -- yes, at least for one day -- we were finally No. 1. Sure we can't win an argument with Florida fans comparing football programs, and we don't have much ammunition to argue college hoops with UCLA. But we can say that we had the No. 1 college baseball player in the nation in Stephen Strasburg.

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