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Chargers Have a Secret NFL Draft Weapon

Custom tool is a Draft Day reminder to find the right kinds of players



    Chargers Talk About Their Hammer_NBC_RSH-MCDS

    The Chargers have a hammer. A special hammer to help them make draft picks. (Published Friday, May 1, 2015)

    Now that the Chargers are in to a third NFL Draft under Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy, we have a pretty good idea of the kinds of players the Chargers target.

    Regardless of position, the Bolts are looking for high-character guys with energy and a hard-nosed, physical attitude. D.J. Fluker is that way. Jason Verrett is that way. Melvin Gordon is that way. They also come from major college football programs, but that may be more of a coincidence.

    What is not a coincidence is the reminder the team keeps on the table as they're deciding what action to take.

    It's a custom-made San Diego Chargers hammer. It's subtle, but I asked general manager Tom Telesco and head coach Mike McCoy about it. The enthusiasm in their response opens a window to their entire draft and personnel philosophy.