Only in El Cajon

“You’re not in a Disney film,” Captain Jack Sparrow told the folks gathered for the El Cajon city council meeting Tuesday. “Don’t worry, don’t panic.”

The actor dressed as the popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” character dismissed the gavel and used his pistol instead to call the meeting into order. He went on to make a few jokes about rum and  pose for a picture with the mayor.

Did we mention that Mother Goose was there too? Oh yes, and the mayor introduced one of his employees to the visiting pirate as a wench - in an endearing way of course.

Ah, city government at its best.

The stunt, while a little bizarre, was actually pulled together by the city leaders to raise awareness that an El Cajon event, around for 60+ years, is on life support.

The Mother Goose Parade, started by local businesses but geared toward families and kids, has been known to draw a number of celebrities over the years as honorary parade marshals.

This year’s event is scheduled for November 22.

Businesses have pulled their support citing the failing economy so now, as Sparrow described it, the city is asking the public to “band together” to keep the program going.

The parade directs you to its website for more information on how to contribute. We checked and didn’t see a link on how to donate, but if you contacted the organizers directly they should be able to give you more directions. Contact them at (619) 444-8712.

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