Walter Isaacon Is Ready to Move on From Steve Jobs

Not only is Walter Isaacson ready to add to his biography of Steve Jobs but the acclaimed writer is set to begin on his next biography as well.

The former Time editor revealed at an event in San Francisco that he plans to write a new biography for his next book.

But instead of focusing on a similar subject matter to his best-selling Jobs' biography, Isaacon plans to pluck someone out of obscurity.

Isaacson said he will write a biography on the daughter of poet Lord Byron, Ada Lovelace.

"I want to give Ada Lovelace her moment in the sun," he said.

For her part, Lovelace fits on the chain of inventors that Isaacson has written biographies on. The list includes Jobs, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin.

Lovelace worked on the development of the analytical engine, which is considered "the first incarnation of a general purpose computer," according to Forbes.


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