Tips for Hosting the Perfect Picnic

Successfully host a summer picnic using these tips from interior designer Jennifer Moreau

The summer is one of the best seasons for picnicking, but organizing the meal can feel like a hassle. Interior designer Jennifer Moreau shared some tips and techniques to make the most of on-the-go entertainment time. 

Her first recommendation was to be prepared, especially when picnicking far from home. Bringing a survival kit can be helpful. Moreau says she packs bug spray, a cutting board, towel, corkscrew and knife.

When preparing food, it is important to choose items that travel well. Moreau opted for a roasted chicken sandwich with olives, provolone, arugula and roasted red pepper. This food can be packed by placing it in separate sections of a silverware tray. She also places a napkin on the drinks to prevent them from sweating.

For dessert, Moreau made a chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream and a raspberry, and placed them in travel safe containers.

She also shared an interesting piece of history about picnicking, which originated in France. Pique nice in French means pick a little or pick at anything. The word used to apply to indoor potluck events until the French Revolution, when they opened the royal parks in 1789 and allowed people to picnic outside.

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