A Football Ending You Have to See to Believe

Cerritos College stuns Bakersfield College in the craziest finish ever

The finish to the Cerritos College and Bakersfield College football game might rank up their with the greatest college football finishes of all time. Yes, it's junior college football, but the Cal Bears / Stanford band, the Bush push at Notre Dame, the Doug Flutie miracle in Miami and the Boise State / Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl are on even playing field with the finish in Norwalk, Calif., on Saturday.

After Cerritos called three consecutive timeouts to ice the kicker, the two teams lined up one last time as visiting Bakersfield College had their sights on a last-second field goal to secure a victory.

With one second on the clock and the score tied 21-21, the Cerritos Falcons dug in and readied for the block. The Bakersfield Renegades lined up the field goal and with the snap of the ball history was made.

Check out the video above to see how one second was just enough time to see something you might never witness again.

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