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Talk about a ducky Easter: Try to find 1,000 tiny hidden ducks around the massive Queen Mary

The sweet search-and-find is a treat for Easter brunch guests; find ten ducks and enjoy a sweet from an on-board shop.

Queen Mary

What to Know

  • Easter Brunch at the Queen Mary in Long Beach; make your reservation in advance
  • Sunday, March 31
  • The ocean-liner will hide 1,000 tiny toy ducks around the ship for brunch guests to find; if you find ten, you'll enjoy a candy treat from the Picadilly Delights shop

Finding a four-leaf clover somewhere in a forest or a needle in a haystack?

Both pursuits sound quite difficult, and you might spend all day or maybe even a lifetime looking.

The Queen Mary is staging a more cheerful challenge that touches upon this theme, and it is one that plenty of people will likely complete: Can you locate ten tiny plastic ducks, the kind of petite playthings that might fit in the palm of your hand, dispersed around the iconic ocean-liner?

Let us pause here to state that the permanently moored ship is a seriously sizable structure, a colossal hulk measuring over a thousand feet long.

Locating a friend who has wandered off to admire some of the landmark's celebrated Art Deco details or the view of downtown Long Beach can be tough enough; discovering a small duck sitting on a railing might be far harder.

But people who stop by the Queen Mary for Easter brunch will discover if they're up for the ducky lark on Sunday, March 31. That's when the destination's staff members will be busily placing a thousand little ducks around the ship, all for keen-eyed brunch guests to find.

If a visitor locates ten ducks while exploring the Promenade and other public areas of the ship, the prize they'll enjoy is as sweet as a spring breeze: a goodie from Picadilly Delights, the onboard candy store.

Think of it as similar to searching for colorful eggs in a yard, but this "yard" is actually a large ocean-liner with more nooks and crannies than you can possibly count.

To book your Easter brunch, visit the Queen Mary site.

Are you eager to know more about the hidden ducks? There's a social post that explains the offbeat but sweet event.

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