Schwarzenegger Hated Working as a “Fluffer”

Governor causes a stir with his remarks in New York

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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has always had a way with words.

This week the actor turned governor used his power of prose to get a laugh in front of a crowd in New York and a clarification from his press secretary back home.

Schwarzenegger was speaking with James Lipton, the creepy host from "Inside the Actor's Studio," when the governor was asked his least favorite jobs.

"A fluffer," he said, according to the New York Post.

Not sure what a fluffer is? It's someone who works on a porno set and gets male actors ready for "action" scenes.

The governor got a huge laugh from the crowd. But he didn't stop there. He went on to say growing up his parents thought he was a little "wacky" when his mother walked into his room and "saw pictures on my walls of half-naked men covered in oil."

Back home, the governor's handlers weren't laughing as hard, according to the Los Angeles Times. Schwarzenegger's spokesman said the governor has never worked as a fluffer but he was just imagining the worst job possible.

Maybe we should have known he was joking when Schwarzenegger said his favorite job was working as an English teacher.

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