Santa Barbara Studio Tour

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WIDE SWATH: Every studio tour is different, but we can break the concept down into two distinct parts: either you'll be driving or you'll be on foot, mostly. Certainly both have their pluses, but when you want to take in what several communities are up to, the former is the way to go. And the annual tour for the Santa Barbara Studio Artists definitely covers a goodly chunk of the region. "(F)rom Carpinteria to Goleta" is the geographic area for the Saturday, Aug. 27 and Sunday, Aug. 28 event. Now. If you start early enough, and you plan for both days, you might get to all forty artists on the roster. But if that isn't possible, bet you'll get plenty of looking in.

PREVIEW: Tom DeWalt's peaceful coastal paintings, the quirky sculptures of Joan Rosenberg-Dent, and the leafy, grape-y ripeness of Dorothy Churchill-Johnson's works all appeal, but check out all the artists. Then get plotting your Carp to Goleta ramble.

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