San Jose Olympian Polina Edmunds Gets Royal Send-Off From Her High School Archbishop Mitty

Bay Area U.S. Olympic Figure Skater Polina Edmunds received a royal send-off at her San Jose high school Friday morning.

Archbishop Mitty High School, where Edmunds is a sophomore, held a special assembly in its gymnasium at 9 a.m. to honor the U.S. figure skater before she represents her country at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

The event celebrated Edmunds' achievements, and included fellow U.S. Olympians and Mitty alumni Kerri Walsh and Brandi Chastain. They surprised Edmunds at the ceremony.

"That is what you've been training for," Chastain said. "To be able to step or skate on the ice that she's been skating on--those are champions. That's where champions go."

At 15 years old, she is the youngest member of the U.S. Olympic Women's Figure Skating team.

"She probably just had midterms," Walsh said. "It's just crazy to think where she is in her life now, and that she's pursuing this amazing dream, and that she's already made a huge dream come true in making the Olympics."

During the ceremony, Edmunds thanked her schoolmates, and said she is thrilled to be representing the U.S. in Sochi.

"Yeah, that was really crazy. I wasn't expecting it at all, like anything like that," Edmunds said. "I was just really excited, and it's just so cool to have everyone be so excited for me. I'm really happy for it."

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