Pinnacles National Park: Centennial Day of Service

Join the volunteer effort and pitch in on a host of vital projects.

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WHILE WE THINK OF SUMMERTIME... as that time of year when collective relaxation truly begins, there are physical places that grow more bustling, and even hectic, when June arrives: the national parks. Our magnificent stretches of wild beauty experience higher traffic when the weather warms up, but the season that follows traditionally dons a more relaxed and tranquil mantle. Autumn, then, is a most excellent time to call upon our parks, but there's an added dimension that's full of heart, too, where a fall visit is concerned. A number of parks host various clean-up days in September and October — The Yosemite Facelift is a famous September spiffy-up — and volunteers arrive to enjoy both the crisper temperatures and to lend a hand in helping the park repair a few things needing some attention following the high season. Pinnacles National Park, which received its monument designation in 1908 and its park status just a few years ago, in 2013, is hosting such a help-out day on Saturday, Oct. 22. It's the...

CENTENNIAL DAY OF SERVICE... at the middle-ish-of-California park, and a "variety of service projects" will take place. So make for the destination, a remote expanse known for its striking, rock-beautiful scenery, and pitch in on "litter abatement, non-native plant control, seed collection, and trail work." (Note that there are some asks in terms of what sort of clothes to wear, and what to bring, so read all.)

THE "MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY"... will truly inspire positive and noticeable changes around the park, changes that will be enjoyed by future visitors looking for a nature-authentic experience. Consider that a late-October visit to Pinnacles may be further enhanced by a bat sighting, as "14 of California's 24 bat species make their home at Pinnacles National Park." For the beautiful bats, for the people who love the place, and for the place itself, roll up those sleeves and make a difference over the course of a day, all while getting out and getting acquainted with one of the state's most serene and spectacular stretches.

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