Jon Still Owes Kate More Than $100K: Lawyer

"The only proof of money we received is $28,500 that was sent over a week ago," Kate's atty said

Divorcing dad Jon Gosselin apparently has not yet paid his dues.

An attorney for the ex-reality TV star's estranged wife Kate said she received only a fraction of the $180,000 a judge ordered the father of eight to pay back after he took out the sum from their shared bank account without authorization.

"The only proof of money we recieved is $28,500 that was sent over a week ago," Kate Gosselin's attorney, Mark Momjian, told

"The only thing we're looking for is the difference, which is about $151,500. We have not yet received confirmation of that."

 Jon's attorney, Mark Heller, said the father of eight has "completely complied" with court orders.

"Jon has completely complied with all of the directives of the court. He complied. He met all the mandates," Heller said. "That's factually incorrect."

On Oct. 13, a judge in Montgomery County, Pa., ordered both stars of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" to refund money they had taken out of the joint bank account. Kate was ordered to repay $55,000, and Jon was told to return $180,000. 

Heller claimed it was Kate who had yet to comply with the court order.

"Unless something happens today [with Kate] she will be going through contempt proceedings Monday," Heller told People on Friday.

But Momjian said if Jon doesn't pay up by Monday, the warring couple will face-off in a courtroom.

"We'll be in court," Momjian said. "We'll be in court."

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