Mark Zuckerberg Recruits on the East Coast

Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg has already said if he could do Facebook all over again, he would have stayed in Boston -- so perhaps it's not a surprise that's where he went to recruit new Facebook talent.

Zuckerberg is on an East Coast tour trolling for Facebook staffers and will stop by his old alma mater, Harvard University, along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on Monday. He will also be heading to Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon on Tuesday, according to the Boston Herald. Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard in 2004 to move to Silicon Valley and start Facebook.

Zuckerberg went public last weekend saying that in hindsight he wouldn't have left Boston for the glitz of Silicon Valley. "I didn't know anything," he said at Y Combinator's Startup School. He also criticized the SV for lacking focus and commitment to projects.

That may have been a punch in the gut to the Silicon Valley faithful, but Zuckerberg wasn't telling tales. There definitely are some get-rich-quick schemes out here, including crazily inflated valuations, and the poaching for software engineers seems to be fierce. That said, Zuckerberg has stayed here comfortably for the last seven years -- so we think he can make the Silicon Valley seem like a desirable place for East Coasters shivering in the snow.

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