Family of American Missing in Iran Reacts to Prisoner Swap

As news emerged that Iran has agreed to release four Americans in a prisoner exchange, the loved ones of a former FBI agent still missing there said they were devastated he was "left behind."

Robert Levinson vanished during a trip to Iran in 2007. The former FBI agent was working as a private investigator on a cigarette smuggling case when he disappeared on Kish Island off Iran's coast, NBC News reported.

"We are happy for the other families. But once again, Bob Levinson has been left behind. We are devastated," Levinson's family said on its Facebook page. Levinson's family confirmed Saturday the page is theirs.

A senior Obama administration official said Saturday that the U.S. has not been able to determine Levinson's whereabouts but has repeatedly raised the issue of his disappearance with Iranian officials.

Obama administration officials told a conference call Saturday that they remain committed to finding Levinson and ensuring his return, the senior official added on on condition of anonymity.

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